Elitebet is the discreet ally of high-staking sports betting clients worldwide. Our relationship managers travel from London to meet VIPs in person and empower them to unlock access to the best value and liquidity offered by global betting markets. We have currently entered the African market and are operating in Zambia, Uganda and Kenya via our international partners.

Sports Betting in Zambia: www.castlebet.co.zm

How is Elitebet VIP different?

The Elitebet VIP service stands apart from the rest of the global gaming industry.

Find out how the Elitebet VIP service built its reputation of trust across the sports betting industry.

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International Partners

Zambia, Uganda and Kenya. We have expanded to Africa through our international partners. Read more about our expansion to Africa.

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Contact Us

Address: Mailbox Office 66
95 Wilton road
London SW1V 1BZ

Telephone: +44 (0)7788 44 33 22

Email: info@elitebet.com

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